Minutes of the first CKN Meeting for 2022 held on 3 February

Meetings held by the CKN Committee are published on our website as a means to keep everything open and transparent. Any queries can be directed to any committee member through our WhatsApp groups or directly in email to chairman@ckn.org.za

The chairman opened the meeting by welcoming all in attendance. Apologies from Rox, Letitia, Henry, and Elna.

Crime for the past year was mentioned. Thankfully CKN had experienced very few incidents. For the remainder of the meeting, the chairman wanted to spend time discussing plans for the coming year. Service delivery was highlighted as important, especially, if we want to maintain the area and have a pleasant place for all to live.

Plans for the year

No change in CKN contributions. This had already been communicated to CKN members.

Items to tackle in the coming year:

  • Empty homes
  • Non-members – John to draft a letter to encourage non-members to join
  • Electrical boxes to get a much-needed facelift.
  • Board at park advising residents to maintain the park, keep it clean and pick up after their dogs.
  • Signage for Joy’s gardening team, on order. This will be used to increase the visibility of workers while at work.
  • Investigation to install cameras in Kroton park, Charlotte to ask Leon to help.
  • Cameras at main entrances of CKN. Await invoice for power supplies to be replaced.
  • Keep chasing matters that need to be completed/fixed in the area eg potholes

CKN is 25 years old in May. Plans to be drafted around a birthday celebration. Also noted that there is a need to hold an overdue AGM.


  • Dowry Security have been with CKN for seven years this February. A newsletter to CKN is being put together by Dowry.
  • Dowry has advised of a license fee increase. John will speak to Harm at Dowry as the committee felt Dowry should correspond with the residents on this.
  • Visors and new uniforms approved for Joy’s Team.
  • The question was asked as to where do the cars change shift and fill up with petrol? John will confirm with Dowry.
  • Lloyd mentioned a client of his had had an armed robbery in Alansnek. Access was gained via an open gate. John will remind residents in the next email to keep gates locked.