Chairman’s Message 31st July 2022

Dear Community

July saw the attempted burglary and an armed robbery. This after one incident in the previous six months. The week after the armed robbery we put an extra car and guard in the area and this has had the desired effect. All in all, we have had a good year, especially when I compare ourselves to other surrounding associations.

Feedback from the sector meeting on Thursday night when we as chairpersons meet with the police is that overall crime is down in the sector but the theft out of cars at shopping centers remains high. Please, ensure your car is locked when walking away and that you do not leave valuables in your car at any time. Fridays in July were the highest crime day of the week followed by Thursdays and Sundays. Peak times are between 18h00 and 21h00. Allansek has the highest crime as an association for the month.

We were urged to keep open areas clean to ensure we do not have “displaced people” living in our area or along our borders. Another reason for clearing open spaces was to prevent runaway fires. Have you noticed the hard work done by Joy and her team along Hendrik Potgieter?

It’s the end of the month. Please can you ensure you are up to date with your CKN contributions? It makes our lives easier in not having to follow up on outstanding contributions. Thank you as always for your ongoing support.

Then after the recent hiccups in CKN, the issue of booming the area was again raised.
I am not going to give your breakdown of what the requirements are but I am going to ask that you please visit the Johannesburg Road Agency website – https// – and read the full document.

Its called Security Access Restrictions Policy

All that needs to be done to apply for booming etc is there. But I will provide some indication of pricing. This will be a monthly cost and does not include the initial setup costs of the guard houses, toilets, and electricity.
Please Note, that the guards have to have access to water, electricity, and sewage.

I have worked on a project plan on costs to boom three entrances to CKN, that is Albert Street and both ends of Constantia Drive. As always there will be many who will benefit that will not be contributing. In the plan, I have only included costs of the guards. To install three booms we will need a minimum of nine guards (we may need 12 as Constantia Drive is a double-lane road).

The cost of employing nine guards is estimated at R 129 365 per month. With this cost in mind, it will mean that with booms and guards, there will be no budget for the dedicated CKN cars. Adding onto this, to cover the extra expenditure, CKN member fees will also have to at least triple based on the current number of paying CKN members. Armed response, supplied by Dowry, will be in addition to the higher member fees. It is important to note that this does not include the added monthly cost for sewage removal.

Booming is not an easy process to implement and as you can see, is not a cheap one either. If there are streets that wish to pursue booming, the aforementioned policy can give you guidelines.

If you would like to provide constructive feedback to the above, please feel free to mail me at

Stay Safe
CKN Chairman

Minutes of the first CKN Meeting for 2022 held on 8 June

Meetings held by the CKN Committee are published on our website as a means to keep everything open and transparent. Any queries can be directed to any committee member through our WhatsApp groups or directly in email to

·       John

·       Joy

·       Rox

·       Lloyd

·       Athelie

·       Liesl

·       Letitia (away in Australia)


·       Henry

·       Elna

·       Charlotte

·       Lorin



  • 1 burglary in CKN for the year to date.
  • Compared to stats for Honeydew (which are dire), CKN is doing well.



  • Thanks to Joy and the team – continue to get rave reviews.
  • Possibility of an extra day every now and then – depending on what Joy is able to arrange. Uniform – one team member was on leave when the last lot of uniforms were purchased.
  • Joy to arrange for uniform to be bought and liaise with Lloyd for payment.
  • Weed Eater – needs to be repaired, etc. Joy to arrange and liaise with Lloyd for payment.


  • CKN will supply a big skip.
  • Joy will arrange a clean-up within reason.
  • As a committee, decisions are made as to extent of involvement – see points mentioned above.
  • Shaun Clunie is heading a (personal) drive to clean up the property.
  • Greg Hogan has been enlisted to remove the bees. Due to the state of house etc, it is a difficult job. (Who is paying for this?)


  • Continue reporting.
  • Seems that some potholes have been fixed over the last few days.


  • Plastic bag holders for Park
    • Poop to be picked up by owners
    • Possibility of getting the bag holders (per pics circulated to the committee on WhatsApp group on 08.06.22) made by someone in the community? Joy may know of someone.
    • Bag holders to be placed in Park.
  • Dogs to be walked on a leash in the Park in order to ensure safety for all.
  • Signage – John to arrange.


  • New members signed up today and a number of new homes added in the last weeks.
  • Possibility of sharing exact stats re membership / non-membership at next meeting?


  • Cash positive.
  • No need to call for donations for anything in the near future. However, tell residents what has been done and what monies spent from the kitty they are contributing to.


  • John meeting with Harm next week
  • Fuel costs may arise at this meeting
  • Our cars for CKN fill up on average every 1.5 days
  • Each car does about 120km per day / 5k km per month
  • Cameras etc – 70% deposit has been paid by CKN but no invoice has been received for the remainder. John to raise with Harm at the meeting mentioned above.


  • Benefit for all who are DOWRY / CKN members.
  • John to draft and drop a WhatsApp message to all groups – i.e. benefit and number to call if needed.



  • Well attended at Kleine Constantia.
  • Possibility of having 2 per year – good opportunity to meet and greet on a personal/face-to-face level.

28.05.22 – CKN COMMUNITY BIRTHDAY MARKET (our 7th market since started in 2018)

  • Well attended and supported.
  • Committee to have own stand at next market. To be manned / womened (!!) on a roster.  Good visibility and another opportunity to meet and greet the community.


  • The hack has been fixed.
  • Rox arranging for other required work. This should be complete by the end of 13.06.22.


  • Date for AGM to be set.


Minutes of the first CKN Meeting for 2022 held on 3 February

Meetings held by the CKN Committee are published on our website as a means to keep everything open and transparent. Any queries can be directed to any committee member through our WhatsApp groups or directly in email to

The chairman opened the meeting by welcoming all in attendance. Apologies from Rox, Letitia, Henry, and Elna.

Crime for the past year was mentioned. Thankfully CKN had experienced very few incidents. For the remainder of the meeting, the chairman wanted to spend time discussing plans for the coming year. Service delivery was highlighted as important, especially, if we want to maintain the area and have a pleasant place for all to live.

Plans for the year

No change in CKN contributions. This had already been communicated to CKN members.

Items to tackle in the coming year:

  • Empty homes
  • Non-members – John to draft a letter to encourage non-members to join
  • Electrical boxes to get a much-needed facelift.
  • Board at park advising residents to maintain the park, keep it clean and pick up after their dogs.
  • Signage for Joy’s gardening team, on order. This will be used to increase the visibility of workers while at work.
  • Investigation to install cameras in Kroton park, Charlotte to ask Leon to help.
  • Cameras at main entrances of CKN. Await invoice for power supplies to be replaced.
  • Keep chasing matters that need to be completed/fixed in the area eg potholes

CKN is 25 years old in May. Plans to be drafted around a birthday celebration. Also noted that there is a need to hold an overdue AGM.


  • Dowry Security have been with CKN for seven years this February. A newsletter to CKN is being put together by Dowry.
  • Dowry has advised of a license fee increase. John will speak to Harm at Dowry as the committee felt Dowry should correspond with the residents on this.
  • Visors and new uniforms approved for Joy’s Team.
  • The question was asked as to where do the cars change shift and fill up with petrol? John will confirm with Dowry.
  • Lloyd mentioned a client of his had had an armed robbery in Alansnek. Access was gained via an open gate. John will remind residents in the next email to keep gates locked.