Welcome to CKN

Constantia Kloof North Residents Against Crime is an Association that was formed on 1st May 1997 to fight crime in the area. It consists of residents who volunteer their time and money to help combat crime.


To create an environment where residents and neighbours know each other, care for one another and eliminate crime. We also strive to maintain a high standard in the area. The Association co-operates with the Honeydew Police and is a non-profit organisation.

Why Join CKNRAC?

All of us have had enough of crime! We hide behind walls and electric fences and all you read and hear about all day is violence, theft, corruption, hi-jacking etc. The Police cannot protect us from all these things due to a lack of manpower and finance. This situation can only improve if we join forces with the SAPS and the CPF (Community Police Forum). The more the community gets involved in the
fight against crime, the better for all.

The CKN / Dowry partnership

Our Chairman, John Baisley, has been a firm believer in visible policing for many years.  He grew tired of armed response and many security companies arriving at a scene long after the fact.

Under his guidance, CKN contracted a security company to provide a dedicated car for the area to actively patrol the area and not sit under a tree and wait for an alarm to be triggered. John wanted to keep any wrong-doers away and rather actively work to prevent crime.

The full story can be found under our news section of the history around our PROACTIVE PATROLS over the years.

CKN appointed Dowry Security as their preferred service provider after a lengthy tender process and they have been with us for close to 6 years. There are two dedicated cars that do not leave CKN along with a guard on a bicycle during weekdays.

The contributions that CKN asks for on a monthly basis go to funding the cars and bike and we get invoiced monthly.

We know of very few areas that have dedicated cars such as us.

Many have seen the benefit of these cars in they also provide a reduced response time to an emergency. The agreement with Dowry is that if you want the benefit of these cars, you must be a CKN member. CKN members will receive a reduced rate for Dowry.

If the combined CKN and Dowry fee is restrictive, please talk to us and we will make a plan. John has always believed in safety first.

We need your help to keep the cars on the road. They have become part of the CKN family and don’t only provide escorts when you are coming home but find lost pets, remove snakes from homes, fight fires and cut away fallen trees.