We have an ever increasing team of dedicated members that voluntarily free up a little of their time and in doing so are making a big difference. Thanks for being one of these men.

The mindset is simple, 2 hours once or twice a month and to do so on a recurring basis thus creating a safer neighbourhood for all, especially our women and children.

We welcome you to join us in our team of volunteers. Our resident patrols continue to operate alongside Dowry.

To register your time-slot please contact Henry

We work very closely with the SAPS, and help is close at hand. Honeydew Police Station 011 801 8613 / 4 / 5

SAPS Sector 2 Patrol cars 071 675 7102 or 071 675 7112



A patrol member or the Dowry car can meet you at your home should you be coming home late.

Our children play and ride their bicycles in our streets and our residents walk their dogs. Please be observant of this.

Let’s all obey the 40km/h speed limit zoned for our area.



If you haven’t signed up because you think it’s dangerous please reconsider.
It’s a time where you get to cruise your neighbourhood and be visible with green lights all over CKN.
In the event that there is a problem you don’t get involved but call Dowry and the police station’s direct line and they’ll deal with it really quickly.



  1. You take control of your neighbourhood
  2. You contribute to the solution and spread the workload
  3. You keep the riff raff and criminal elements out of the area
  4. You get to meet your neighbours;
  5. You get to keep your neighbours safe
  6. You get to help out when dogs and cats get lost in the area
  7. You get to do the right thing.

Please get involved if you can, even if it’s on a part time basis.