Honeydew and CKN crime statistics – Apr 2019 to Mar 2020

The crime statistics for the last financial year were released this morning. Herewith just a quick breakdown of what happened in Honeydew and then also, how CKN contributed in this period.

This is probably one of the best ways to evaluate our efforts in our neighborhood in the fight against crime

Honeydew did not fare well and I have also noted where the police station falls nationally. The period in question is April 2019 to March 2020.

I have only listed the main crimes but a full list will be posted to our website or you can go to www.saps.gov.za


Murder Honeydew – 60 CKN – 0 not in top 30

Carjacking Honeydew – 173 CKN – 1 up by 35 percent – number 8 station in the country

Home invasions Honeydew – 341 CKN – 4 up by 3.6 percent – number one station in the country

Burglary Honeydew – 1 175 CKN – 3 down 7 percent – number 2 station in the country

Theft of car Honeydew – 670 CKN – 1 + 2 bikes up 1 percent – number 4 station in the country

Theft out of car Honeydew – 1 250 CKN – 1 up 17 percent – number 7 station in the country

Kidnapping Honeydew – 46 CKN – 0 up 70 percent – number 17 station in the country – this is just bizarre

When I have time I’ll do another mail of the policing areas around Honeydew.

Newsletter 1st October

Be Aware

Just a quick catch up. Violent crime has certainly been on the increase and house robberies and hijackings are a big worry. Please report anything suspicious and take the utmost care when coming home. Dowry constantly find open gates on their patrols. Please ensure your gate are closed at all times and the same goes for security gates.

Criminal Records, How do I check?

I have been asked how can one ensure the person you are employing does not have a criminal record? The police are happy to check ID’s numbers so we can do two things. You can contact the police direct or you can send me the person’s name and ID and I will ask on your behalf.

Help Us Help You

I have requested this before but if the house next to you is empty, please let me know so we can try to find out what is happening. The same goes for unkept properties. We do have some that are so overgrown it is beyond belief. We will ask the health department for help.

Then a request from a resident. When you walk your dog, please pick up behind them. Let’s do all we can to keep our neighborhood clean.

Newsletter 4th September 2020

Just a quick catch up.

Crime Update

Considering all the crime that is taking place and more importantly the violent crime, CKN is quiet and it is heartening not to have to report on regular crime incidents. Some areas close to us are certainly having it rough.

Please take care at all times as crime comes in so many forms.

So more house keeping this week than crime reports. We have been asked to have a CKN get together before the end of the year so a market will be organised for a date in November.

Neighbourhood Clean Up

Then we will use September as a time to give our neighbourhood a bit of a makeover. Joy and her team are doing a great job in the area but I am asking that you please maintain your pavement and sweep your gutters. I am sure we all want a clean and tidy neighbourhood. Litter seems to be everywhere, especially with the present ad-hoc refuse collections.

The properties that are standing open are receiving our attention and in some cases, we will have to involve the health department as the yards are very overgrown and I have reports of rats.

Also, our park needs some extra maintenance. I am asking for some help on Saturday 12 September to tackle the weeds and clear the brick paving. So to all those that say let me know when you need help, I am taking you up on your offer. If we can meet at 10h00 for two hours we can make a difference. Let’s get our park ready for summer.

Flower Pots Needed

Finally, do you have a large flower pot you want to get rid of? I am looking for one or two to put by the guardhouse at Kroton Street as we want to also make the entrance more attractive.

If there is anything you want tackled in the area, please let me know.

We welcome Athelie to the committee. She will be assisting Surine and Lloyd with the finances, and also thank you to Roxanne who will be taking over the CKN website. As soon as it is migrated to a new host, there will be a lot of photos to share.

Newsletter 10th August 2020


Finding time for all the CKN admin is not always easy but today I found a gap to do some catch-up and got to go through our database and bank statement. It is so heartening to see all the members we have and their continued support of the area. Thank you for the ongoing support as we continue to try and make CKN a safer place for all that live here.

Welcome to the new members that joined us in the last two months. Our membership remains high and it is something we can be proud of. We do have some work to do to get those that are not members as yet to join us. There are not that many but we do have room to grow some more.

Thank you to Sharon in Kroton Street who painted the pillars to the park at both entrances. All these small things make the area smarter.

I have been walking my Great Dane daily lately as we lost his sister recently and we go through the park. It is quite an experience as everyone on the walk wants to “talk” to him. It’s also been great to meet so many people. The park is well utilised and someone told me they come from outside the area to use it as it is neat and tidy.

We have to thank Joy and her team for all the work in the park and area. The team picked up litter last week along Hendrik Potgieter, 21 bags!

Stay Aware

Last week a car was stolen overnight in Okkerneut Street. Again, the gate was lifted or the gate motor over-ridden. One’s electronic gate or motor remains one of the weakest points of access to your property. Please ensure your gate motor is secure and your gate cannot be lifted.

I was asked a question about the latest crime stats that were recently released. Does number one mean Honeydew is the best? No, it means for the category we are the worst! 2, second-worst in the country etc. This is out of some 1200 policing areas. I have been involved with the Honeydew police for some 21 years and things do not get better. Sad to say but it leaves us with no choice but to continue our crime-fighting efforts in the area.