Newsletter 1st October

Be Aware

Just a quick catch up. Violent crime has certainly been on the increase and house robberies and hijackings are a big worry. Please report anything suspicious and take the utmost care when coming home. Dowry constantly find open gates on their patrols. Please ensure your gate are closed at all times and the same goes for security gates.

Criminal Records, How do I check?

I have been asked how can one ensure the person you are employing does not have a criminal record? The police are happy to check ID’s numbers so we can do two things. You can contact the police direct or you can send me the person’s name and ID and I will ask on your behalf.

Help Us Help You

I have requested this before but if the house next to you is empty, please let me know so we can try to find out what is happening. The same goes for unkept properties. We do have some that are so overgrown it is beyond belief. We will ask the health department for help.

Then a request from a resident. When you walk your dog, please pick up behind them. Let’s do all we can to keep our neighborhood clean.

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