30th September 2019

Hi all

Indigenous to South Africa, Spekboom has incredible carbon-storing capabilities which makes it a critical natural source to combating the climate change crisis.

I am taking orders for Spekboom plants from Owl Rescue up until this Friday 4 October. Bulk orders of 400 or more qualify for delivery to areas in Johannesburg from Owl Rescue at Haartbeespoort. There are near
ly 200 orders from the the CKN Enviro Care group members alone, at this rate a bulk order of 400 and even more for CKN is highly likely. The cost will be R20 per plant. R10 for the plant cost goes to Owl rescue, and R10 will go to the CKN community recycle project.

There will be a drop off point in CKN for recyclable materials where the recyclers (aka bin diggers) will collect these on a weekly basis.

We ar in discussion with the recyclers and our partner in security, Dowry. Funds raised by Spekboom orders will go towards costs for recycle receptacles and printed t-shirts for the recyclers. More info to be shared on this community recycle initiative and various enviro care projects as they progress.

If you would like to join the CKN Enviro Care WhatsApp group, you can find the group link to join in the Community WhatsApp group or send me a WhatsApp 082 523 4095 and I will send the link. All ages welcome, we encourage youth involvement.

How to place your Spekboom order

Send an email to
with your name, address, contact number, order quantity, and attached proof of payment (R20 per plant).
EFT payment to:
FNB Bank
Branch: Clearwater 251141
Account name: L Leuci

Account number: 62028313526
Reference: Name+Spekboom

All orders must be placed by Friday 4 October, so I can place the bulk order and make payment to Owl Rescue on Monday 7 October. Please keep the order due date in mind to avoid disappointment.

Note: D elivery will be arranged with Owl Rescue and communicated only once the bulk order has been placed and paid for. Date and time to be advised, collection from Kroton Park

Links to learn more about Spekboom for your info

South African miracle plant that removes more CO2 than Amazon!!!

Visit Owl Rescue Facebook page for more info on their Spekboom project

Idea! Order an extra Spekboom for Kroton park and plant them together with others doing the same thing.

Your involvement in the Spekboom project supports Owl rescue, recycling in CKN and climate change crisis.

Thank you.

Kind Regards
Lorin Leuci


Hi all in CKN

Herewith another printed newsletter. Please read it and please treat it with the importance your safety deserves.

I am going to address the recent crime stats and then also CKN and its initiatives.

Every September the police release the national crime stats for the country. They are dated by the time of release, but they do give is an idea how the police faired in the previous financial year. Once again Honeydew did not perform well.

I always look at the major crimes and of course some we experience in CKN.

Amongst others, here are some stats from Honeydew.
Murder – up 24% -61 cases
Common robbery – up 12% – 333 cases
Car-jacking – down 30% – 128 cases
Robbery at homes – down 8% – 329 cases, that is 329 homes invaded.
Burglary at homes – no change – 1 264 cases. On average just over three homes burgled per day.
Cars stolen – up 7% – 666 cars taken.
Theft out of cars – down 15% – 1 065 cases.

Sobering reading. In the 21 years I been involved crime just remains at stubbornly high levels.
Of the 18 913 cases opened in Honeydew, CKN contributed 19 cases.

I would agree with your thoughts that 19 are too many, especially if you were one of those affected. Crime is not coming down and will in no way come down significantly anytime soon.

Which leads me to CKN. CKN was established to fight and prevent crime in the area. I have been involved in CKN for 21 years and for the same period, been involved with the Honeydew police. I have seen on so many occasions that where residents take a stand, crime is much lower. The collective can make a difference. I would hate to think that if we did not do what we do, how different the area would be. I see areas, not precincts, where neighbourhoods report crime on a daily basis. I really feel sorry for some chairman when they report at meetings.

No one can guarantee a crime free area.

Despite the incident today (18 September), CKN is not falling apart and we have had a very quiet year. When we do have an incident, it is understandable people get concerned and at times tempers run hot. Bear in mind, no one is alone in this fight and we have a good service provider, you have a committee that cares, and neighbours want to help.

Please also remember your committee do what they do for the love of it and for your safety. People want to join CKN and we have a high membership. I must think they see the value in what we do and share our vision. No one has to join us and the security company you link to is your prerogative.

It is sad to see that some promise to join CKN, link to Dowry and then forget CKN. They get the benefit of the cars riding around, quick response times and a preferential rate. This has now ended and where this is happening, they are being given notice by Dowry. So sad.

I have always maintained your safety first and we will make a plan on cost. Dowry are also prepared to make a plan. Why abuse a volunteer association? To our many supporters I say thank you and once again, thank you for believing in us. We will always do our best for you as there is no compromise on safety.

Today, I did not get the news out as quickly as I would have liked, and some took exception. I will do my best to keep you in the loop on what happens as quickly as I can, but at times work does get in the way. WhatsApp messages will always be for emergencies and then emails will do the rest.

The committee is there for everyone and we are happy to take criticism and suggestions for how we can do things better. CKN is one big family and there is no need to point fingers at us and think we do not take things seriously. What is more serious than one’s safety?

On our service provider. Dowry were selected by residents based on a number of criteria from a list of some 13 companies. Three we approached and when the word got out, another 10 approached us.

Cost remains a huge factor in crime prevention and to keep our cars and bicycle on the road is costly. Our cars run 24 hours, so you can think what the petrol cost. Remember CKN pays for these cars. Many have come to rely on these dedicated officers, and I see it so often that when one needs help, they are called on. They go beyond their mandate to help you.

Please also remember their mandate is limited by law when it comes to searching people or cars and questioning a person. We – that is Dowry and CKN – must be very cautious with regards confronting people and we can both be held criminally liable for impersonating police. In the same breath, our constitution allows freedom of movement and so anyone can come and go on our roads. We may not chase anyone out of the area, and you can also not prevent entry to an area by booming it.

At the end of the day you expect the security officers to put themselves in danger.

Crime remains a scourge. Daily we have to think twice about coming home, is the person walking down the road a possible burglar and can I sleep soundly tonight?

I want you to feel safe at home, walk the dog, run in CKN and visit our parks. CKN can only survive with your support. This is both financially and timewise.

I hope I have covered everything I wanted to share, and also addressed concerns and comments made during the course of today. Please feel free to contact me or the committee.

Only together can we make a difference. We have something special in our neighbourhood.

Stay safe