25th October 2019

Hi all

A couple of things going on this weekend.

Annual Trick or Treat is happening tomorrow evening from 18:30 20:00. Families will be going around and calling on the participating houses who have responded.

These are; 17, 23, 28, 37, 46 Boomgom, 34 Worsboom, 834 Acanthus, 3 Stamperboom, 1023 Firethorn.

Trick or Treaters please make an effort to pass by all these homes as we eagerly await to treat you. During this period Dowry will be patrolling close by as they usually do on this night.
Be safe and be FUN!

Diwali starts this weekend for 5 days. To all our Hindu neighbours we wish you a blessed festival of lights. During this period, we may expect firewors from surrounding areas as our Hindu residents do not participate in celebrating with the use of fireworks.

We cannot control what others do and so we must prepare instead. Companion animals and wild creatures are often terrified by the intensified sounds and vibrations given off by the fireworks. It is natural for dogs to be afraid of loud noises. The sounds trigger their nervous systems, and they can become anxious or afraid. Running away from the noise is a survival instinct. Please be mindful of this.

If you know your animals stress please take the necessary safety precautions to settle them ahead of time. Best is to stay home with them and provide support in a peaceful and calm environment. If you are going to be out please arrange for a pet sitter. There are loads of tips available on what to do to help calm your animals. I think most of us know about them. If not please look into it.

The CKN Community Animals WhatsApp group members will be more than happy to guide and support you. If you would like to join this group please do so by using this link
Consult your vet for natural calming products (such as Calmeze) if needed.

Kind Regards,
Lorin Leuci

17th October 2019

Dear Residents,

Yesterday meet up I spent some time finding out where some of the Recyclers come from and where they live – a mix of Gauteng, Lesotho origin. Of the several gents I managed to have this chat with none of them live nearby. Some travel from Florida, Fairlands to work and they rotate in surrounding areas at the different waste days. Joshua stays in Braam Fischer and even volunteered his physical address. As to how and why they come to us to work in the past years I am finding out. As with this programme, it is a process, and all is transpiring as it should.

The growing knowledge and understanding I am gaining in this venture is fascinating. Some of the gents have been working in this area and surrounds for years. I know that two of them have kids they are putting through school on the little they make for reselling materials to industry.

Registration efforts and reflectors continue. We now have 27 registered Recyclers, all of who are recognised by each other and Dowry. They do not want others to come in here as much us, if not more than us. You will see a lot more with their jackets on next week and again the following week. Photo badges will be issued in due course. All is progressing quite well. As with any change we must anticipate teething issues along the way. If you have an issue with any Recycler or concern please contact me, and I will need names too.

BIG thank you to Patricia and Marietjie for stopping in to supply much appreciated food and refreshments to these hard-working men. This is a great way to be involved and support. I really appreciate it too as my plate is rather full and I welcome help and kindness with this community initiative. Bring it on people!

Don’t forget to diarise the talk with ARO next Thursday evening 19:00 – 20:00 at Kleine Constantia, and to let me know if you are coming.

Sharing some food for thought and info on recycle materials collected – why some items are taken and others left. More about this and what role we need to play at the talk.

As provided by a fellow resident (as posted on the Facebook page I’mStaying) …

So many people gripe about the Waste Reclaimers that roam our suburbs. Reclaimers are often harassed, stigmatised, treated like human waste and dispossessed of their livelihoods by JMPD and SAPS etc.

However, it is the reclaimers who unofficially started the recycling economy in South Africa by separating valuable materials from waste. We all have a place here. If like me, you are saying “I’mStaying!” then let’s be mindful of how we can play our role in recycling and assist these guys for the greater good of our suburbs. These guys work exceptionally hard and often we tend to get frustrated with them.

Respect the fact that digging through waste is a disgusting job for anybody – imagine yourself having to do this job!

Today I ask you to reconsider your stance on these overlooked members of our society – be informed and assist where you can. I would like to share some insights :

Who are the waste reclaimers?
Independent people who are currently without jobs who are making an honest living so that they can feed, clothe and school their families. They often travel many kilometres a day collecting waste expending enormous energy in the process – often their carts weigh 200kg or more! It takes 23 x 2 litre PET bottles to make up 1 kg which can be sold for around R3/kg. Do not delude yourselves that these people have an easy time earning money!

African Reclaimers Organisation (ARO) is an organisation which is collaborating with Government and reclaimers in order to get the already functioning informal waste reclaiming sector regonised by govenment. Waste reclaimers currently get no financial support from government.

What value do they add?
Informal waste reclaimers extract discarded recyclable items that would normally land up in landfills and the environment and sell these to buy back centres for recycling. Waste reclaimers are doing a valuable job which requires intellect, commitment and a great deal of hard work. Their work is saving our municipalities millions of rands in waste management and disposal every year. Due to their efforts in the recycling industry South Africa is now on par in the recycling arena with European countries.

What DO they collect?
The reclaimers only collect what has economic value at the buy back centre:
PET bottles (eg coke bottles), plastic milk containers, creepy crawly pipes, plastic plant pots, large yoghurt containers, aluminium colddrink tins, paper.

What do they NOT collect?
The reclaimers do not take anything that the buy back centres will not pay for including:
• Bottle tops (these are recyclable but the buy back centres will not pay any money for them)
• Translucent fruit containers (eg. strawberry packaging – these are recyclable PET but the buy back centres will not pay out for them)
• Polystyrene
* Green and brown PET bottles (eg appletiser and ginger beer bottles)
* Chocolate, sweet and chip packets

How can residents assist them?
• Separate waste at source and place only what has value to the reclaimers in boxes or clear packets on the pavements on collection day. The easier we make it for these reclaimers the less time they will have to spend in our suburbs! Respect the fact that digging through waste is a disgusting job for anybody – imagine yourself having to do this job!
• Rinse out ALL dirty containers so that they are clean for collection.
• Remove bottle tops as these are not taken and are often discarded around suburbs.
• Get to know the person who frequents your street – build a relationship with that person and find out what they will and won’t take.
• Show kindness to your local reclaimers – offer bottles of water on hot days or a cup of tea on freezing winter mornings. A little kindness goes a long way.
• Be mindful of the reclaimers who risk their lives on our roads and give them a wide berth while driving.
• Encourage reclaimers to join ARO and become ‘registered’ reclaimers in your suburb.
• Supply reflective vests and reflectors to your resident reclaimers.
• Work with ARO as a community so that residents learn how best to work with the reclaimers for the benefit of all.

Kind Regards,
Lorin Leuci – Enviro care committee member ♻


Dear Residents

As you are aware we are in the process of implementing a programme to improve and include recycle efforts and security in CKN by working with the Recyclers.

Thank you for the feedback received thus far, overall there is a lot of support for this initiative. Concerns and criticism are equally importance, so thank you for those too.

Last week (7-11 October) was a very busy one. Lots of progress in a short space of time and exciting outcomes!

• On Wednesday morning some of the Recyclers received their reflector jackets printed with the CKN logo, registration and distribution continues this week. Photo ID name badges will be issued to the Recyclers as well. They know that they must be wearing their vests with ID badge, both required. This will be done over the next couple of weeks and I will confirm when all Recyclers have been issued with their jackets and ID badges. We will also be continuing with weekly meet ups with the Recyclers at Kroton park for some time. Over and above registration and identification efforts I will use this time to check in with them, find out what is working, what can be improved, and find out more about them.

• On Wednesday evening I attended the talk by Dr Melanie Samson and comrades from African Reclaimers Organisation (ARO). This was very informative and provided a lot more insight into who Recyclers are (also referred to as Reclaimers and Waste-Pickers), their history, what they do and the role they play in society. ARO work closely with recyclers and communities and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this regard. Their model of integration is very much in line with what we are implementing here in CKN. They are currently very busy piloting integration systems in Johannesburg. The good news is we are already well under way. After further discussions with Luyanda (ARO Waste Ambassador) about what we are doing, where we want to be, what we need assistance with, etc. he has committed to helping us with this journey. This opportunity is a big advantage to us!

Which brings me to our next steps…
Together with the ongoing practices and relationship building with our Recyclers and community at large, ARO will be coming to talk to us about recyclers and the integration system. They will also be doing a community clean up with us.

The talk will be held at Kleine Constantia next Thursday 24th October from 19:00 – 20:00. All residents – CKN members or not, are encouraged to attend. Please let me know by Wednesday if you will be attending – see my contact details further below.

This is your chance to be informed, to network and ask the questions on your mind. Furthermore, this is your chance to be an active participant in change for the better. Remember this is a community effort and only works when we are all doing and playing our part, no matter how seemingly small.

Find out more about African Reclaimers Organisation by visiting their Facebook page – Link available on CKN website and shared to the CKN Facebook page. Attached is the about info as taken from their page.

Kind Regards,
Lorin Leuci – Enviro care committee member ♻

4th October 2019

Recyclers (aka bin pickers) are people who carry out vital waste service in this country in nasty conditions. Please watch this short video by Dr Melanie Samson to get a glimpse of the importance and how things are moving forward through key collaboration efforts
I will be attending a talk on community integration by Dr Samson at Randpark Primary next Wednesday at 7 PM. If anyone is interested in joining, please drop me a mail or Whatsapp.

The CKN committee and like-minded residents are embarking on a programme to improve and include recycle efforts and security in CKN by working with the Recyclers and encouraging all residents to participate. The fact is we can chase these people away but they will come back. They are fully within their legal rights to be digging through the bins on municipal streets. We believe that working together is the best solution and way forward to support security, environmental care, and basic humanity.

On Wednesday we had a very positive first meeting with the Recyclers in our community. We took down a register of our first group of 14 Recyclers. Our Dowry partners (Marcel and Leon) took photos of the Recyclers and will be working with them to keep things tidy and safe in CKN. They also provide a valuable source of crime spotting and reporting to our brave security men and women.

It will take some time to further assess and work towards a recycle drop off facility here in CKN. A survey will follow on method in the coming week – we will keep you updated. In the interim residents can participate by doing the following…

Gather recyclable waste and put out on bin day. Place bag of collected recyclable material in a bin bag or reusable bag next to bin. Tip – Large white garden bags are available at Builders Warehouse for R10 if you opt for a reusable. Recyclers have been instructed to leave the reusable bags under the bins or in post boxes, much like the Ronnie bag system. Please keep in mind that no one can control bags going missing, others passing by or Pikitup themselves could take bags left outside so you may prefer to use a bin bag.

The Recyclers collect various materials, from different grades of plastic to tin, glass, paper, etc. Tidiness is important as we have relayed to the guys. This goes both ways. We should give them tidy waste to work with. Please rinse out food containers, milk cartons, tins, etc. before adding them to your recycle bag.

Next week we will be handing out official uniforms and source of identification. Bright yellow hooded jackets that will be printed with their job title “Recycler” – a BIG thank you to Rene from Barnswallows for donating these.

Important note: Authentic Recyclers will NOT be escorted from CKN unless posing security threat. Dowry will handle this as they would with any threat in our area. Dowry will facilitate checks while they are on street patrol. Any suspicious behaviours can be reported following usual methods.

The Recyclers Programme will enable all of us to identify authentic Recyclers, get to know their faces and perhaps even their stories. From a security vantage, Dowry will be able to better identify and work with authentic Recyclers and escort suspicious persons posing as Recyclers out of our area.

Like it or not the Recyclers are part of this community and are valued by a growing number of South Africans who see the positive difference they make to the environment. We live in a unique country which presents unique opportunities to better tackle the mess we humans make. Now all we have to do is open our minds just a little to the opportunity and efforts already in motion, work together and learn from each other.

Please join our CKN Enviro Care group by following this link or by emailing or texting me.

Thank you for doing your part and living the difference,
Lorin Leuci – Enviro care committee member ♻ 082 523 4095

30th September 2019

Hi all

Indigenous to South Africa, Spekboom has incredible carbon-storing capabilities which makes it a critical natural source to combating the climate change crisis.

I am taking orders for Spekboom plants from Owl Rescue up until this Friday 4 October. Bulk orders of 400 or more qualify for delivery to areas in Johannesburg from Owl Rescue at Haartbeespoort. There are near
ly 200 orders from the the CKN Enviro Care group members alone, at this rate a bulk order of 400 and even more for CKN is highly likely. The cost will be R20 per plant. R10 for the plant cost goes to Owl rescue, and R10 will go to the CKN community recycle project.

There will be a drop off point in CKN for recyclable materials where the recyclers (aka bin diggers) will collect these on a weekly basis.

We ar in discussion with the recyclers and our partner in security, Dowry. Funds raised by Spekboom orders will go towards costs for recycle receptacles and printed t-shirts for the recyclers. More info to be shared on this community recycle initiative and various enviro care projects as they progress.

If you would like to join the CKN Enviro Care WhatsApp group, you can find the group link to join in the Community WhatsApp group or send me a WhatsApp 082 523 4095 and I will send the link. All ages welcome, we encourage youth involvement.

How to place your Spekboom order

Send an email to
with your name, address, contact number, order quantity, and attached proof of payment (R20 per plant).
EFT payment to:
FNB Bank
Branch: Clearwater 251141
Account name: L Leuci

Account number: 62028313526
Reference: Name+Spekboom

All orders must be placed by Friday 4 October, so I can place the bulk order and make payment to Owl Rescue on Monday 7 October. Please keep the order due date in mind to avoid disappointment.

Note: D elivery will be arranged with Owl Rescue and communicated only once the bulk order has been placed and paid for. Date and time to be advised, collection from Kroton Park

Links to learn more about Spekboom for your info

South African miracle plant that removes more CO2 than Amazon!!!

Visit Owl Rescue Facebook page for more info on their Spekboom project

Idea! Order an extra Spekboom for Kroton park and plant them together with others doing the same thing.

Your involvement in the Spekboom project supports Owl rescue, recycling in CKN and climate change crisis.

Thank you.

Kind Regards
Lorin Leuci


Hi all in CKN

Herewith another printed newsletter. Please read it and please treat it with the importance your safety deserves.

I am going to address the recent crime stats and then also CKN and its initiatives.

Every September the police release the national crime stats for the country. They are dated by the time of release, but they do give is an idea how the police faired in the previous financial year. Once again Honeydew did not perform well.

I always look at the major crimes and of course some we experience in CKN.

Amongst others, here are some stats from Honeydew.
Murder – up 24% -61 cases
Common robbery – up 12% – 333 cases
Car-jacking – down 30% – 128 cases
Robbery at homes – down 8% – 329 cases, that is 329 homes invaded.
Burglary at homes – no change – 1 264 cases. On average just over three homes burgled per day.
Cars stolen – up 7% – 666 cars taken.
Theft out of cars – down 15% – 1 065 cases.

Sobering reading. In the 21 years I been involved crime just remains at stubbornly high levels.
Of the 18 913 cases opened in Honeydew, CKN contributed 19 cases.

I would agree with your thoughts that 19 are too many, especially if you were one of those affected. Crime is not coming down and will in no way come down significantly anytime soon.

Which leads me to CKN. CKN was established to fight and prevent crime in the area. I have been involved in CKN for 21 years and for the same period, been involved with the Honeydew police. I have seen on so many occasions that where residents take a stand, crime is much lower. The collective can make a difference. I would hate to think that if we did not do what we do, how different the area would be. I see areas, not precincts, where neighbourhoods report crime on a daily basis. I really feel sorry for some chairman when they report at meetings.

No one can guarantee a crime free area.

Despite the incident today (18 September), CKN is not falling apart and we have had a very quiet year. When we do have an incident, it is understandable people get concerned and at times tempers run hot. Bear in mind, no one is alone in this fight and we have a good service provider, you have a committee that cares, and neighbours want to help.

Please also remember your committee do what they do for the love of it and for your safety. People want to join CKN and we have a high membership. I must think they see the value in what we do and share our vision. No one has to join us and the security company you link to is your prerogative.

It is sad to see that some promise to join CKN, link to Dowry and then forget CKN. They get the benefit of the cars riding around, quick response times and a preferential rate. This has now ended and where this is happening, they are being given notice by Dowry. So sad.

I have always maintained your safety first and we will make a plan on cost. Dowry are also prepared to make a plan. Why abuse a volunteer association? To our many supporters I say thank you and once again, thank you for believing in us. We will always do our best for you as there is no compromise on safety.

Today, I did not get the news out as quickly as I would have liked, and some took exception. I will do my best to keep you in the loop on what happens as quickly as I can, but at times work does get in the way. WhatsApp messages will always be for emergencies and then emails will do the rest.

The committee is there for everyone and we are happy to take criticism and suggestions for how we can do things better. CKN is one big family and there is no need to point fingers at us and think we do not take things seriously. What is more serious than one’s safety?

On our service provider. Dowry were selected by residents based on a number of criteria from a list of some 13 companies. Three we approached and when the word got out, another 10 approached us.

Cost remains a huge factor in crime prevention and to keep our cars and bicycle on the road is costly. Our cars run 24 hours, so you can think what the petrol cost. Remember CKN pays for these cars. Many have come to rely on these dedicated officers, and I see it so often that when one needs help, they are called on. They go beyond their mandate to help you.

Please also remember their mandate is limited by law when it comes to searching people or cars and questioning a person. We – that is Dowry and CKN – must be very cautious with regards confronting people and we can both be held criminally liable for impersonating police. In the same breath, our constitution allows freedom of movement and so anyone can come and go on our roads. We may not chase anyone out of the area, and you can also not prevent entry to an area by booming it.

At the end of the day you expect the security officers to put themselves in danger.

Crime remains a scourge. Daily we have to think twice about coming home, is the person walking down the road a possible burglar and can I sleep soundly tonight?

I want you to feel safe at home, walk the dog, run in CKN and visit our parks. CKN can only survive with your support. This is both financially and timewise.

I hope I have covered everything I wanted to share, and also addressed concerns and comments made during the course of today. Please feel free to contact me or the committee.

Only together can we make a difference. We have something special in our neighbourhood.

Stay safe