8 January 2019

Hi all

Happy new year to all and I trust it will be a crime free one and that all your hopes and dreams will be realised.
As we start to get back into the daily routine, I would just like to mention a few things around some CKN housekeeping.

Two matters have been highlighted to me over the last few weeks.

Noise, please be respectful of those around you when it comes to load music, grass cutting (on a Sunday) and the same with angle grinding etc at night or on a weekend.
Of course, many were up in arms with regards fireworks. So many animals are still looking for their homes.

Then secondly, the maintenance of the area. Most garden services went on leave, council the same and then we have had a fair amount of rain.

Refuse collection was a real nightmare. We also have dumping in the area.
So to help get on top of the area maintenance:
┬ĚPlease cut your pavement and sweep your gutter.

On 18 Jan we will have a CKN clean up to help our CKN team get on top of things. I am asking for as many people to assist with picking up litter and cleaning our entrances of gra
ss etc. Just two hours.
More details beforehand. Please help us as the more hands the more we can do.
Many want a well-maintained area and the only way is to get our hands dirty. The council cutting programme is not comprehensive enough.

The past few weeks not having the CKN guys work has shown just how valuable they are.

I mentioned in my last email we need to get a heavy-duty lawn mower. Thank you for the donations to date. Many asked how much we are asking. Can I ask for R100 per household/complex
or whatever is affordable?

Finally, please send me a list of anything that needs to be tackled in the area. We will compile a consolidated list and with volunteer helpers start working on the items.

In February I would like to tackle and mark our fire hydrants. I really hope for help on this as well. I am sure you can see the value in this.

Thank you for your concern for the area. We all want a clean and neat neighbourhood.

All the best.

Stay Safe

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