28th January 2020

Hi all

Just a quick run down on the incident of Saturday afternoon.

Just before 16h00 on Saturday a white SUV stopped outside the house on Constantia Drive and a suspect got out and proceeded to look over the wall. ( I have footage of the incident from the complex across the road). A second suspect got out and between the two of them broke the rail on the gate and opened it. This took approximately 2 minutes. The two suspects entered and proceeded to the security gate which they also broke open. They entered the house and proceeded to take a lap top, cell phone, TV and other items.

A few minutes before they arrived the husband had left to the shops. His wife and children were at home and in the garden. One of the children went to the mom to tell her there were people in the house taking things. She was surprised at this but went to check.

Whilst the SUV was parked outside one of our patrol cars came from Jim Fouche and saw the suspects putting things in the SUV. He stopped a few houses back. Suspects must have seen him and hurried things along. He fired a shot at the vehicle and you can see the SUV very quickly leaving.

When the wife entered the house, she pressed her panic button. At this time the patrol car was already engaging with the suspects. The SUV leaves and the patrol officer joins the wife and children at the gate as she had come out and advised the officer they had taken items in the house.

No one was hurt in the incident which lasted 4 minutes from when they entered the gate till the SUV leaves. 6 minutes in total for the incident.

Shortly after I arrived I tried to ping the stolen phone but it was already off.
Why was this targeted on a Saturday afternoon? We cannot say.
Please again ensure your gate cannot be forced open from the outside and you have all your phone details, tracking company details, bank details etc stored somewhere.


Our crime incidents this year so far have been on the weekend and a plan is already in place for the coming weekend.

Stay safe

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