24th March 2020

Hi all

SA faces a crisis like never before and it will be up to every one of us to bring the pandemic under control. We need to support the efforts of government and support each other.

At present the rule is – stay at home. Running, walking etc is banned.

Shops, pharmacies and garages amongst others will remain open. I am sure all of you have been following the news and the many of messages being posted.

Together we will have the answers on how to proceed come Friday. Let us not panic even though it is a very trying time.

We will do our best to keep up to date on our groups and if you receive news or have advice for the area, please post. But let’s try keep some of the noise down on the groups.

None of us have ever experienced the circumstances we are presently in but they will pass. We need to remain positive and resolute.

If you need anything, you may not be able to get to the shops, ask for help. If you want to just share a thought, feel over whelmed or just need an ear, the entire CKN family is there. Reach out.

Stay safe

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