2020 Recap

Our final newsletter for the year 2020!

To all our non CKN members, we would love to have you as a member. Please consider joining us in the new year.

There are many that still tell us they do not know what CKN is and or that we exist.

So just in short, after almost 24 years in existence, we have had one main focus, that of preventing crime in the area. The police cannot do it on their own, security companies are largely reactive and so that leaves a large gap in our security. It is up to you and I take a stand. Everyone in the area will have seen the dedicated Dowry patrol, paid for by the residents and they are marked CKN 1 and CKN2. We also have a guard on a bicycle.

2020 has been a very quiet year in CKN and one we can be extremely grateful for considering all the crime around us. Full stats on our website.

Our other area of focus recently has been area maintenance. Council are failing us in the upkeep of our area, so we have employed a team of three that clean in CKN weekly. Have you noticed the cut grass, clean gutters and lack of litter?

Your CKN contributions go to keeping the area safe and clean.

Just briefly, on 15 December the three gents and I tackled the entire intersection at Albert Street and Hendrik Potgieter. We cleaned the drains, cleaned the gutters, picked up litter and removed illegal signs. A tiering exercise and but very rewarding. Sad to say, you then walk back into the area only to discover pavements that haven’t seen any attention in months. As soon as we get back to work in the area, we will cut their pavements. We will also continue to tackle the intersections that lead into CKN.

The new year will also see a renewed “fight” on the empty and unkept homes in the area. This is our neighborhood and I know the majority take pride in it and want a clean and neat suburb.

What we did this past year.

Our main focus as stated above is crime fighting. Whilst we were not crime free this year, we did have a very good year and the crime related incidents in CKN were very few. Please see our website for a breakdown of incidents.

There was a very successful arrest by Dowry of a hijacker along with arrests for the theft out of a car and for burglary.

Despite the challenges of Covid, we kept our two and bicycle on the road. Not for one day did Dowry let us down.

Thanks to the generosity of many in the area, we fed a number of families due to job losses or income being cut. CKN, you made you made yourself proud.

We launched a new web site.

Joy and her team kept CKN neat and clean.

Many residents got involved in the “dump fire” and made a huge difference in getting the matter resolved. A more sustainable solution is still sought.

Again, many residents chased up service issues like Pikitup doing what they are mandated to do. Service issues remain a huge challenge and the City needs to be held to account. They are failing us.

We found and returned many lost animals to their homes.

Held a successful Christmas market.

Many estate agents use the efforts of CKN to sell homes in the area and I receive many requests around do I know if any homes are going to be sold?

2020 was a challenging year to all. It was a year many will remember as the year brought many unexpected challenges, and many got used a new “norm”, but we adapted and overcame.

In closing, I want to thank each one for their support over the past year. The list of those than contributed to the smooth running of CKN is a long one and I do not want to leave anyone out. You know who you are I so great big thank you. I must add, that when ever there was help needed, someone was always there to raise their hand.

Have a happy new year and may the new year be a prosperous and peaceful one.

Stay safe John

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