13th February 2020

Hi all

Jenny, Surine and I sat the other night to go through our database to check where we are with membership, who is paying and just updating the CKN members.

Bit of a long process but for now we know where we are going into the new year.

Money always remains a sensitive issue but CKN cannot afford to function without the contributions of all its members.
In the same breath I wish to thank the many that have so faithfully supported the area and have shared our vision of a safe and clean neighbourhood.

I do not see any need for an increase in CKN subs this year but I am asking that everyone please pay regularly and where you are paying less than what is asked, you please consider increasing your contribution, even if by a few Rand.
We ask R350 per month but are open to assisting where finances may be an issue. We do have pensioners and retrenched residents and so we do understand.

Fund raising last year was by way of two markets where stalls paid to CKN to be present. These monies will go towards a lawn mower for the team that cleans CKN weekly.

Every CKN member will receive a monthly invoice just as a reminder of their contribution. We are also contacting some where we have not seen payments in a while.

A discounted rate is available from Dowry to those connecting their alarm to Dowry.

Again, thank you for your ongoing support.

Stay safe

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